Welcome to my blog!  My intention is create an online space where employment recruiters, hiring managers and candidates can share their stories, interviewing tips, and lessons learned.  I will also share my perspective and the many things I have learned throughout my career in the recruiting and staffing industry.  I welcome you join the conversation!

As a Recruiter, one of the first questions I like to ask candidates is how they started their career.  Many have then asked me to share my story so I thought I’d kick things off by sharing with you how I took a ‘leap of faith’ to move to the Twin Cities and start a career and life in MN.  I was living in North Dakota and had been out of college for a few years, working in retail management and entry level Human Resources.  There were not a lot of job opportunities in ND at the time and I was recently engaged.  My fiancé and I realized that if we were going to fully launch our careers, we would have to move to a larger metro area.  We considered Minneapolis/St. Paul and Denver areas our top two options.  So, we took a one-week vacation and spent it in the Twin Cities applying for jobs, interviewing, and scouting apartments. One of the companies I applied at was the international staffing firm, Kelly Services. Along with interviews with other organizations, I went through three interviews that week with Kelly Services.  While interviewing with the District Manager, she asked me why she should hire me over the other 150 candidates that they were considering.  I told her that I didn’t know who my competition was, but I felt I had a love and passion for interviewing candidates, matching them closely with open positions, and I felt I was very successful at it.  I told her about my dedication to my past jobs and how I desired to move to MN and start my new life here if she would give me the opportunity…and, luckily, she did!  I was offered the job and started two weeks later.  I was thrilled!  It took a ‘leap of faith’ but I moved to Minneapolis in 1989 and spent five years with Kelly Services.  I started as a Recruiting Supervisor and was promoted to Branch Manager.

Kelly taught me so much about working with multiple clients at the same time, different work cultures, and different levels of talent.  This role also taught me a great deal about customer service, staff and client management.  I loved the Recruiting industry right away and after spending five years in general staffing, I made the choice to move forward to professional level recruiting.  The majority of my recruiting experience has been within the professional niche areas of Human Resources and Sales (the two focus areas of Fitzgerald Recruiting today).  I enjoy recruiting and working with clients and candidates as much now after 20+ years as I did when I first began.  I found my love and passion early in my career and have never left the industry.  Over my career I’ve been fortunate to work within corporate company environments as well as professional agencies, which has helped me to learn to appreciate both perspectives.

After managing my own recruiting and talent management company for four years, I find that I still encounter interesting and intriguing situations weekly and I’m excited to share some of those experiences with you through this blog.  I hope you will find the stories relatable, some even humorous.  There are many lessons learned throughout the complex recruiting and selection process… The journey is as interesting as the destination so please follow this blog, share your stories and perspectives, and, together, let’s learn along the way!

Keep the Faith!


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