My first blog post talked about how I took a leap of faith to move out of state and start a career in the recruiting industry.  Next I want to share about how I took a huge leap of faith to start my own business, Fitzgerald Recruiting.

Since my very first Entrepreneurship class in college, I knew that someday I wanted to start my own business.  I also knew that I had a lot to learn about business operations, sales, marketing, people management, and finance before I would be successful.

My career started out in Talent Acquisition but I quickly moved into Sales and then Management that helped me learn all aspects of business.  Working for privately owned businesses as a Director and VP helped me acquire P&L responsibilities as well as improving my people management skills. Anyone who has worked in the recruiting and talent acquisition industry knows that even if you are gifted with matching skills, talent, and experience to a company’s open position requirements, there are additional dynamics that play a part in bringing a placement together successfully.  Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to work for companies who had great training on effective and efficient recruiting processes, strong management of recruiting teams, excellent partnerships with HR and hiring managers, and I’ve continued to stay active in associations, locally and nationally, that offered ongoing education in the industry. All of this has been critical to helping me learn and acquire best practices and high standards.

Throughout my career I have also been very fortunate to have great managers and mentors, who have inspired me to mentor others.  It was actually my mentors and business clients who encouraged me to start my own business.

Timing is always a critical part of starting a business.  Typically you would start a business during a strong economy that has a demand for your product and services, for me it was the opposite.  The great recession ended up being the ideal time for me to start my business, Fitzgerald Recruiting!  In 2012 there were not many open positions for Talent Acquisition or Talent Management leaders but there was a strong need for companies to find key talent to manage and grow their businesses.   Fitzgerald Recruiting was founded on the belief that there was a better way to help organizations find and retain top talent.  And for candidates to find the best opportunities.  My goal was to work with high integrity, using the best practices and creative ideas acquired with years of experience, and couple it with technology and processes to deliver outstanding placement services.

June 2012 is when I took a Leap of Faith and opened the doors of Fitzgerald Recruiting.  We began offering search searches within the niche areas of HR and Sales.  I put together a business plan that included an effective recruiting process, Precision Placement, purchased state of the art technology, and developed a sales & marketing plan that included connecting with the clients and candidates who I had built relationships with over the years. Before I could even get my new logo created and business cards printed, I had clients calling me and requesting my services.  The first year a lot of our business was from the healthcare industry, medical device, financial services, and technology companies.  By 2013, the economy began to strengthen and companies, once again, wanted to bring on contract talent before committing to full-time staff expansion so we responded to that need by adding a contract division within our business.  Today, both search and contract businesses continue to be very strong and the outlook for 2017 looks very promising!  Our 5th anniversary is fast approaching and we are so excited about the company, how we keep evolving, and improving the business!

If you are interested in starting your own business, I would encourage you to do your homework, learn as much as you can about all aspects of small business ownership, talk to mentors and prospective clients and then… Leap!

Follow along by subscribing to our blog, as we begin to share talent acquisition success stories, lessons learned, and interviewing tips.  Thanks for all your excitement about the blog and your positive words!  Keep the faith!

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